Insurance and Financial Information

Boulder Vein Center is a division of Alpine Surgical. Alpine Surgical will file your primary and secondary insurance claims for you.  Insurance coverage will vary based on your health insurance policy.  You should check with your employer or health insurance carrier regarding the specifics of your policy.

What are my financial responsibilities?

It is in your best interest to know and understand your insurance plan benefits. You are responsible for any deductible, co-insurance and co-payment amounts.  To obtain information on what your insurance plan covers and what your financial obligations may be, please call the Member Services Department of your insurance carrier. Telephone numbers are usually listed on the back of your insurance card) or check their web site.  It is essential that you understand your health plan’s benefit and coverage rules.  We will verify benefits prior to your scheduled appointment and if a co-pay, coinsurance or deductible is applicable, we will collect payment at time of service.  Our calculations of your responsibility are only an estimate.  Charges are not final until we receive the EOB from your insurance carrier.  If there is a difference between what we estimated and what your plan paid, you are responsible for any and all charges. Please see our Financial Policies which is in our new patient paperwork.

Are Boulder Vein Center/Alpine Surgical Providers in your network?

Insurance plans pay different benefit levels.  It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company or its’ website to see if Alpine Surgical is in your carriers Provider network.  If Alpine Surgical providers are not a participating provider, you may be at risk for a greater out of pocket financial responsibility.  If you do not see our physicians listed as contracted with your health plan or if you have any other insurance questions or concerns, please contact our offices for a list of contracted insurance plans.  As plan participation is constantly changing, it is important to check with your carrier to determine whether Alpine Surgical Providers are in/out of network.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Please bring your current insurance card, your driver’s license and completed new patient paperwork.

What if my insurance changes?

If your insurance carrier changes, please call our offices prior to your appointment so verification of benefits can be completed prior to your appointment.

What if my insurance plan requires a referral and/or pre-authorization?

Please be aware of your insurance carriers or employers pre-authorization and pre-certification requirements and coverage limits before your visit.  If your insurance company requires a referral and/or authorization, please contact your primary care physician prior to your first appointment so the referral can be received in our office before your appointment.

What if I have difficulty paying my bill?

Alpine Surgical has an established payment plan.  Alpine Surgical, with a valid credit card, will divide your outstanding balance into three monthly payments. The first payment is due at the time the payment plan is established.  The amount will automatically be charged to your credit card and your credit card statement will serve as your receipt.

When can I expect to receive a bill and when are my payments due?

For patients that have health insurance, once your insurance company has paid its responsibility, Alpine Surgical will invoice you for the remaining portion. This is your financial responsibility.  Payment is due thirty (30) days after our invoice is sent.  If payment is not received within this time frame, your outstanding balance is subject to collections.  If your account is sent to collections, you will be responsible for the outstanding balance and all fees Alpine Surgical incurs as a result of sending your balance to collections.

Whether you have insurance coverage or not, as the patient, you are ultimately responsible for your bill.  If you receive a statement or letter from us informing you that your insurance provider has not paid, it may be helpful for you to contact your insurance to investigate the issue further. If your insurance company does not pay within 90 days of receiving Alpine Surgical’s claim, you may receive a statement showing that your insurance company has not paid for your services.  Alpine Surgical will ask you to pay the outstanding balance for all services provided.

Self-Pay patients are expected to pay 100% of all fees at the time of service.

What forms of payment does Boulder Vein Center accept?

Alpine Surgical accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, VISA, MasterCard and Discover.   If you have any questions, please call our office at