Here are some of our many testimonials from patients who have used our vein therapies with success:

“Before the procedure, I never felt like I wanted to do anything physical (ie: walking/running/jogging) because of the pain in my legs. After the procedure, I followed Dr. Fox’s orders to walk 20 minutes a day. I found that I liked walking and had no pain. The walking turned into jogging. Then, the jogging turned into running. I did my fist 10K in March then a half marathon in June.”
– D.P.
“I teach Physical Education and am on my feet all day long. At the end of the day, my legs would feel heavy and tired. After the procedure, they no longer feel heavy, tired and are now much more comfortable. Cosmetically, I am much more confident.”
– Anonymous
“I am grateful to you for your knowledge, skill and devotion to your profession.”
– R.K.
“We all want to thank you for your great skill and care! We feel we have a good sample of your talents and all have given rave reviews. More seriously, your gentle style, clear communication an sense of humor make these unpleasant situations far easier.”
– G.L.
“His follow-up and bedside manner were excellent.”
– Anonymous
“And a thanks to Dr. Fox for coming in and repairing my trust and faith in a surgeon.”
– T.P.
“Thank you so much for your expert care and kindness.”
– L.M.
“I want to convey again my deepest gratitude for your skills as a surgeon, your kind and caring attitude; your completeness and thoroughness in your patient care.”
– S.O.