We offer a host of vein therapies for spider veins and varicose vein treatments. This includes new therapies and treatments. Microphlebectomy is a procedure that is often combined with EVLT. This procedure is used to remove sections of a superficial vein that has swelled and bulges from the surface of the leg. There are some cases where microphlebectomy only is recommended. This procedure is completed in the physician’s office under a local anesthetic medication. The patient is able to return home shortly after the procedure.

Microphlebectomy Procedure

A local anesthetic is injected into the leg to numb the area. Small incisions are made in the skin above the affected vein. Using a special vein hook, the vein is lifted through the incision and removed. During the procedure the patient may feel a tugging sensation but should not experience severe pain. If combined with EVLT, the microphlebectomy portion is done after the ablation. After the vein section is removed, the incision is closed with steri-strips and compressed with an ACE bandage or compression stockings.

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