Varicose Vein Removal FAQs

Varicose Vein Treatment FAQs

We offer comprehensive treatments for varicose veins and spider veins. Scroll down to see some of our answers to commonly asked questions and get the information you need on different vein therapies we offer:

What does EVLT stand for?

Endovenous Laser Treatment.

What does RF stand for?

Endovenous Radiofrequency Thermal Ablation

What is VenaSeal™?

Endovenous Medical Adhesive

Will I have to check into the hospital for this procedure?

No, the varicose vein treatments offered in our office are minimally invasive procedures performed in our actual office.

How long does it take?

You are typically in and out of the office within 1-2 hours.

Do I have to be sedated for this procedure?

No, the procedures are done with a local anesthetic.

I am very nervous about having a procedure. How can I alleviate my nervousness?

An oral anti-anxiety pill (Valium) will be prescribed for you to take just prior to the procedure if you prefer. You will need transportation to the office if you choose this option.

What do I need to do to prepare?

We encourage that you drink plenty of liquids prior to the procedure so you are not dehydrated. We ask that you refrain from drinking caffeine the day of the procedure; it can constrict the veins.

Does it hurt?

You will feel the placement of the local anesthetic. It feels like a pinch and a slight sting for a moment. It works very rapidly. You may experience a sour taste in the back of your mouth for a few seconds as the laser treatment is being started. It disappears rapidly.

Will I have pain afterwards?

Your pain should be very minimal; we recommend Tylenol or ibuprofen for post-procedural discomfort. Will I have any restrictions? For EVLT and RF you will have some restrictions.  You may resume normal activities as tolerated. You may wish to take it easy the first day. We recommend relaxing and elevating your feet for 15-20 minutes. A compression stocking is required for two weeks. We ask that you avoid hot tubs for the first few days. For VenaSeal™, you can resume normal activity immediately and you are not required to use compression stockings.

Will the procedure leave scars?

You will have a very small nick in your skin where the catheter is inserted into the vein. If microphlebectomy is performed, you will have multiple small additional nicks overlying the bulging veins. The nicks are very small and heal with minimal scarring. You may have some bruising afterwards. This is completely normal and it will go away with time.

Does the fact that I have varicose veins mean I will require a procedure?

No. Some patients require only Microphlebectomy or Sclerotherapy. Others may require EVLT, RF or VenaSeal. Each patient’s treatment is individualized.

What is Microphlebectomy?

Microphlebectomy is used to disrupt prominent bulging veins through micro incisions in the skin. A small nick is made over the vein and the vein is interrupted at various places. This stops the blood from flowing back into the varicose veins.

Are my spider veins a result of varicose veins?

Not necessarily. However, they are strictly cosmetic and do not pose any type of health issues to you. They are typically not painful.

Will the varicose veins come back?

As with any procedure, there are no guarantees. Patients will often need more than one type of treatment for their individual management. Once the Great or Small Saphenous Vein is closed off, it typically does not re-open.

Will my insurance cover Varicose Vein Treatment?

Provided that you are an appropriate candidate and have met certain necessary criteria, most insurance plans, including Medicare, will cover varicose vein treatments. We obtain all pre-authorizations for the procedure prior to scheduling.

I have Medicare, will they cover EVLT or RF?

Typically yes. Please see the above paragraph for additional details.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We offer a 3 month payment plan. We can also do automatic payments from your credit card if you wish.

Why should I consider this procedure over having the veins stripped?

Having your veins stripped involves a lengthy recuperation as well as a short hospital stay with general or regional anesthesia. Return to daily activities is much quicker with EVLT, RF and VenaSeal. Scarring is minimal with these procedures. Recurrence rates are less with varicose vein ablation versus stripping. Please feel free to call our office with any questions or visit our website